What's This ManCoaching Thing?

Welcome to ManCoaching – a service delivered to men by men, providing effective, direct and results-driven support to men that are facing challenges in their lives. 

We all face struggles in our lives whether it’s job related, family related or something else – the point is that unless we find ways to overcome these challenges, they can really cause us pain further down the line!

Coaching is something that traditionally isn’t something that men consider as an option to work through challenges, in fact, we’re groomed from a young age into thinking that talking about our feelings is only done by females. It’s crazy!

The first 30 minutes are free – a chance for you to describe your challenges and discuss possible goals, understand the coaching process and determine if coaching is right for you. Equally, your coach has the opportunity to understand your challenges and decide whether coaching is right for you, given the circumstances.

You can find out more about what this ManCoaching stuff is all about by clicking the button below.


Coaching is effective across a range of challenges or decisions that you may be facnig in your life currently – the problem with coaching men is this, MEN DON’T THINK THEY NEED COACHING!

Yep, that’s right – if you’re a female, how many times have you tried to get your fella, brother, father to talk with someone if they’re going through an uncertain time? Whether it’s a GP, a mental health professional or whoever! It’s a proper chore!

ManCoaching ONLY works with men, we’re specialists in how men face challenges or work towards their goals and we’ve been working with men since 2016.

Here’s how it works:

  • ManCoaching can help MEN across a number of areas:

Relationship Support

Personal Support

Career Support

Parenting Support

Finance Support

Misc Support