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What is ManCoaching?

Life can be tough today for men - the pace of life is frenetic, workloads are constant, expectations are high and relationships can become strained. Life doesn't need to be like it always has for you.

Have you EVER dreamed of a different life? Changing a part of your life positively? Yes? Well, working with your ManCoach, you will explore how to successfully develop your mindset and new actions to effectively smash your negative thinking, you negative behaviour and really succeed in finding space for the improvements to your life.

ManCoaching is a non-invasive, professional, forward thinking service that provides clear benefits to the men that have the confidence and bravery to undertake coaching with me. ManCoaching is NOT counselling, therapy, psychotherapy or any other form of black magic - we work together towards goals set by you. It is an equal partnership of coach and coachee over an agreed length of time where you will be challenged to achieve the best outcome for you!

Coaching sessions can be undertaken on the phone, skype or face to face. ManCoaching works nationally with men around areas such as relationship support, personal support, careers support and parenting support.

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  • Divorce
  • Coping With Betrayal
  • Learning To Love
  • Frequently Arguing
  • Marriage Difficulties
  • Communication


  • Confidence
  • Self-Belief
  • Self-Esteem
  • Mental State
  • Depression
  • Anger Management


  • Redundancy
  • Feeling Trapped
  • Difficult Colleagues
  • Self Employment
  • Exploring Career Options
  • Taking The Next Step


  • Becoming A Dad
  • Parenting Confidence
  • Children's Behaviour
  • Your Mental State
  • Dealing With Teenagers
  • Your Relationships

ManCoaching Testimonials

I just want you to know I am getting so much from our time together.

Aside from boosting my confidence, I'm starting to think much more clearly about how I can develop myself and the steps I need to take to get where I want to be.

Client, Newcastle Upon Tyne

In short, my journey began with me realising that I had thrown a significant chunk of my life away and had risked and potentially lost everything that I really considered to be of value in my existence as a man. Left hollow and broken I really didn't like the person I had become and that was hard, really hard to comprehend. I was unrecognisable to my family in my attitudes and behaviours.

Seeking Chris out was a big step, I was admitting I needed help and that was the first step in my journey of re-discovery. Working through range of coaching techniques and being challenged about my thinking Chris has help me re-engineer the way I think about life, how I balance work, play and family life whilst at the same time giving encouragement to adopt more positive habits and being thankful for those things in life that make me smile.

The result; I find myself refreshed, happier and more confident.

Client, Northumberland

Working alongside Chris has helped me overcome obstacles that were getting in my way in regards to my business.

Chris helped me on a path of self-discovery, and also aided my direction as to where I wanted to take my career.

Highly recommend anyone struggling with an issue or even struggling with a decision; sitting down having a coffee with Chris and let him listen, give advice and present you with options you probably hadn't even thought of.

Client, Gateshead

Working with Chris has been brilliant for my new life.

Chris helped me to find the best way to deal with certain situations that I often find myself in. This has massively improved my mental state, as well as improving my relationship with my wife and daughter.

I am now a much calmer happier person who is a lot more prepared and able to deal with challenging circumstances.

Thanks Chris!

Client, Stoke On trent

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