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When you have someone who is as passionate about great walks in the hills and coaching men, it would be unthinkable not to collide the worlds together.

It is proven that physical exercise in the hills is an extremely effective way to reduce stress, anxiety and support men suffering from depression!

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We're going to start this real small - so for the first 4 groups there will be a maximum of 5 men in each group. Why? Well we want to get the process just right for you to get the maximum out of your day, so we feel that 5 is a great number!

This Month's Walk...

Around Linhope Spout

Walk Date: 9th March 2019

Price: £50

Map: OL16

Miles: 8

Meet Time: 09:00am

Starting Reference: NT977162

Altitude: 700 Metres

Terrain: Generally clear paths and tracks over undulating countryside with a number of reasonable steep ascents and descents. Depending on the time of year, some parts can be very muddy!

Starting Reference Point: Hartside Farm

Directions: Taking the A679 North, you will pass through the small village of Powburn. As you pass Powburn, you may see a scout hut on your left side and just a little further up is a left turn signposted "Northumberland National Park - Breamish Valley". Once you take this turn continue on the road until you cannot drive any further - you'll pass through a couple of small villages (Brandon and Ingram).

Hartside farm is at the very end of a track which is the starting point of our walk - parking is usually on the left as you drive towards the farm.

Route: Leaving Hartside farm, we will head towards Linhope Spout - passing through the small village of Linhope as we do so. Linhope Spout is a beautiful waterfall nestled away within a small forest with historical settlements all around. After leaving Linhope Spout, we'll head North towards Threestoneburn Woods where we'll skirt around the plantation on our way to our highest peak of the day - Hedgehope Hill, only 3 miles away from the Scottish Border and with gorgeous views down the Harthope Valley. Hedgehope is classified as a Hewit - Hill in England, Wales and Ireland over Two Thousand Feet.

From here, we'll continue further North heading for Langlee Craggs where we will hopefully get a different view of the mighty Cheviot Hill - the highest peak in Northumberland at 815 metres.

Contact Details: Chris 07545501021

Please note: Due to the remoteness of the starting point, we may not be able to get mobile phone reception.

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