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  • Fatherhood Lessons

    Being a dad of two 'nearly men' teenagers has given me lots of opportunities to feel pure happiness and joy, but equally battles and tantrums. It is the most stressful, fantastic, lonely, happy, mi .....

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  • Dealing With Xmas Holidays

    It happens every year, the build-up seems to be getting earlier and earlier, people seem to expect more and more and we're meant to play happy families!

    Yip, you guessed it - it's Christmas .....

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  • Coaching vs Counselling

    This is one question that I get asked time and time again when I meet people in a variety of settings so I thought I'd outline some similarities and differences that exist between coaching and coun .....

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  • Overcoming Your Fears

    In this article I'll be writing about fear. Now fear is a strange old thing - it is a human response that is triggered by a perceived threat. You can't necessarily control the response as it is a b .....

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  • Loss Through Suicide

    Over the past six months I have been regrettably touched twice by male suicide, the most recent was a dear friend of mine who I have known for 40 years. In each case, the deceased were males in the .....

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  • Social Conditioning in Men

    Most of us are aware that we are influenced by people such as our parents during our formative years and even that we are influenced by our peers throughout our lives, but few are aware of the exte .....

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  • About Stress

    Lots of the guys I coach come to me and in some shape or form looking for support around stress. It could be work, relationships, new baby or a mixture of them all!

    Perhaps it's a good the .....

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  • Have You Got Cold Feet?

    For those of you who are enjoying Cold Feet on ITV currently, you will have seen how men silently fall into depression, the effects that depression can have on a family and how it can permeate thro .....

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  • Restaurant Observation

    So it was my beautiful wife's birthday recently and I decided to take her to a swanky restaurant here in my home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Sitting having a great and relaxing time with my wife I .....

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  • Walking & Talking

    We've all generally heard of executive coaching, coaching in the workplace, performance coaching and other forms of coaching. This usually generates pretty dull images of what the coaching process .....

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  • Unplug & Reload

    If you were asked to name a habit that affected you negatively, what would it be? Nail biting, over eating, lack of exercise - or how about looking at your phone / device?

    Looking online, y .....

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  • Anxiety In Men

    Do you know anyone that says they are feeling anxious? We all probably have - some of us have possibly even said it out loud too at times. But what does it actually mean to have anxiety?

    I' .....

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  • Helping Men In Divorce

    It's never easy when a marriage or significant relationship fails. Whatever the reason for the split, and whether you wanted it or not, the breakup of a relationship can turn your whole world upsid .....

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